From a recent mail from Per Schiøttz


BUT, if we stick to the definition of Reality as agreement, then it doesn’t really matter what I sit here alone and think or observe about it all  UNLESS I do have some agreement to it.
I understand your definition of time as a by-product of space and motion.
In my opinion that tastes of a physical universe-only definition, and this is where we often get in troubles because we have one leg in the physical universe and one in the spiritual universe. In our own 1st universes, to me at least, I decide how things are to be here. In the physical universe there are laws which you can subscribe to or not. Not subscribing might hurt (physically) at times. People in physics and matemathics sometimes define  time based on speed and length, length is defined by speed and time and speed is defined by length and time. (Length being representing space).


I have a sneaking feeling that defining time by space and movement, and defining space and movement similarly puts us into the same kind of ref. as defining Time, Speed and Length. That doesn’t work then. You can’t define 3 things by each other. That would just be describing manifestations, not defining the parts really. Therefore I do not use these items as part of my considerations. I am often told to try to think out-of-the-box, but it is my opinion that this doesn’t help if you can’t think IN the box.


Therefore I usually prefer to define time as either: Postulate that things will persist, or by Einsteins idea: Time is something we invented to prevent everything to occur simultaneously (Stress on: WE INVENTED).


But I do agree that it is very important to work with time as I consider time being basic to incidents. Meaning you can’t have incidents if there is no time. All coaching and case handling is based on handling incidents (mostly from the past) but I would much rather prefer to handle time meaning have the person drop all time and all creations in prior times which would then make all earlier incidents (and their charge) drop away.


How about that? (We know what would happen to all the later incidents of course). This is why I work a lot with time. The most aberrating factor.

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