My seas

As far as I can see, just sea..
to the horizon – stretches out
the real place I want to be..
boat and I, are spaced way out…
Today so calm – tomorrow rough
it doesn’t matter either way
My boat and I are very tough,
under sails – we leave the bay.
Fresher wind and sea build up
I reef her to the spreader
She dives into a wave that stop
her motion, change to better..
Stomping bow and lifting stern
Foam and water spray us both
To windward slowly space we earn
distance, to leeward reef has growth.
We tack and main is eased a bit
The speed is picking up a lot
The motion good in this new sit
The gennies sheet is awful taut
Sun comes out, wind astern
Spinnaker we set so free
Suddenly a great upturn
A sudden fog put’s me in glee
I cannot see, are we both dying
There is no sea, no wave no foam
I realize that we are flying
Again the sun, the fog – is clouds.




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