Death, a new beginning

Come play with me – there is no loss
Why fight it now – why do be cross
Why fight a war – already won
Free yourself – and loose a ton


Let them go – those chafing bonds
Need no more – survival funds
Be a being – go be free
Free you – from eternity


Don’t count the losses – look anew
They ARE beings – all like you
They don’t have time – but only love
Or bodies, no – they are above


Playing then – a greater game
Freedom to – a higher aim
Creating now – again a rock?
Maybe you like – to be a wog


Spirit novice – oh no my friend
New life again – will not transcend?
Oh brother, come – my sister, too
There is no change – was always you


The knowing you – just played a game
The real you – come, light your flame
Regain your knowledge – with no fight
You my love – just pure delight


You will decide – a better game
It never will – be just the same
But will be ours – without no-know
Our creation – with no forego


The utmost joy – and happiness
Will now be – self made bliss
Don’t fear it now – we will be fine
Your greatest love – is just divine


And all, they add – their love sublime
And now again – a new playtime
Is this then new – this very freedom
No my love – you are a phantom


Play this game – forever more
Just have wins – and please, galore
When you decide – we meet again
In our own – dimension then
August 8, 2010 – Per Schiøttz

2 responses to “Death, a new beginning

  1. Delightful poetry. I love it! Pat

  2. Ho – hoooeee… Great… I love it, that you love it… Thanks a lot !!

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