Sushi TIME



I saw this recently on the back side of

Danish advertisment for



Nothing is as you think –

– everything is as you imagine.

The past is just a memory.

The future nothing but phantacy.

All we have is NOW.

But what is NOW?

What is this moment really?


Well, actually it doesn’t exist.

Ahh.. well of course it does.

But really NOW is only

an illusion created by us.

Everything is nothing

and nothing is everything.


Translation: Per Schiøttz



In Danish:


Ingenting er som du tror –

– alting er som du forestiller dig.

Fortiden er kun en erindring.

Fremtiden er ikke andet end fantasi.

Det eneste vi har, er NU.

Men hvad er NU?

Hvad er dette øjeblik i virkeligheden?


Ja, i virkeligheden findes det slet ikke.

Eller jo, det gør det selvfølgelig.

Men i virkeligheden er NU kun en

illusion skabt af os.

Alting er ingenting og ingenting er alting.



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