2 Stars

Long ago I saw two stars
twinkling – just to reach
they promished me space
for beauty and creation
lightyears of space, for trelennia.


The lightening bolt struck
and I lost this vision,
space collapsed and I thought
the implotion would kille me.


For two decades less a bit
I struggled and lost some vits.
My stars were down
covered by clouds and dust.


There is an outburned sun
and a lazy moon in my wake.
With a broken keelson I desided
to cross the sea.


A known in the confusion.
The stable data – life.
Clouds are clearing
I dare a peep


life is in You today


You send me off
in a scintilating vaccum!
I have found my stars
                     – Your eyes!





4 responses to “2 Stars

  1. Your words touch the soul and create sparkles. Beautiful…

  2. Thank you Marianne, this is great, you know in order to be touched one has to be touchable – tanks for your openness.
    EverLove, Per

  3. Great truth! If those who protect themselves from being touched knew that they protect themselves from being alive and from experiencing others who
    are also that and then would recognize that it is the same flow of life, it would mean the ground for experiencing all the wonders the flow of Life can offer.

  4. You’re right. Imagine protecting oneself from life??? What will that make you?

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