Per Schiøttz, 76
Springbanen 23
2820 Gentofte
Phone: +45 2036 9916
e-mail: per1909@gmail.com

SKYPE: per.schiottz

Per portræt

 I am this guy who just signed up for a WordPress home page and am trying to figure out, for the first time, how to do this.

Have patience, I need it.

                 And you are welcome to leave a message…

13 responses to “Home

  1. This looks like a very interesting site with lots of good information!!!:))) I´ve already put it into my favourite sites on my browser:)
    Keep up the good work, my friend:)

  2. Thanks! I sure will. There is plenty coming later.

  3. Looking forward to all that you generously share with us here, Per!

  4. You are so welcome Dex. I consider it proper exchange for all that you have given this lists’ subscribers.

  5. Per . . . you are full of tricks, my friend! What’s with the Pingovino name?? Umm, and Love that big smile! Also the docs are very good.

  6. Gee Rog..you are fast…. Pingovino is: 1. because I love penguins 2. That I do not want just anybody to find the page by my name 3. I want friends like you to see it. Thanks a lot for you reply Rog !! Much appreciated !!

  7. OK… but you DID it… that’s what counts… 🙂

  8. Rog: Like your picture. Where are you sailing? What kind’a boat is it? Why are you sitting inn the leeward side? Are you reaching or running? 😉

    • I was teaching my sweet Virginia to sail a small hobycat (a single sail catamaran) we were on vacation in the Gulf of Mexico . . . so I really wasn’t “sailing, sailing” . . . but getting my photo taken for posterity! 🙂 The tight crop of the original photo cut off the wake behind me and the tiller of the “vessel” that would have revealed all. if you are on Facebook I can let you into my album where the photos of us both are on the cat during the vacation 🙂

  9. I am delighted with what I have read so far. As time permits I will continue reading. I am now “following.” This blog is an expression of who you are, which I totally relate to as I have just started my blog, also! I believe this will go down as legacy because we are getting on in our years this lifetime. You may feel compelled to this is, as I do.

  10. Rog: Thanks – got you.. no couldn’t see that it was a Hobie, which I know well, had around 40 of them in the harbor in all sizes. The 21′ was the only one worth anything in my opinion, but, as you say not really “Sailing, sailing”. Ill take a look ayr your FB gallery. 🙂

  11. Anita: Thanks a lot Dear for your nice words, is warming the ‘old’ man here. Per, DK

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